Sending food abroad with SME SHIPPING involves the following procedures:

1. Check the type of food that is to be sent. SME SHIPPING prohibits the delivery of food that requires temperature control, frozen food, food that is not packaged properly, and foods that include meat, milk, or eggs, as its ingredients.
2. Check the import information of the destination country.  Different countries impose different restrictions on the types of food that can be imported. Therefore, it is advisable to call and consult with our expert team for more information about each country’s restrictions.
3. Certain countries require certification from the origin country’s FDA agency and in some cases, FDA standard food hygienedocuments, packing standards which require the food to be in sealed containers, and both production methods and food quality regulated by the local FDA, or the Ministry of Public Health. FDA standards can be classified into two main criteria, which are;

Requesting a permit for the production site, which takes into account the environment, tools and machinery that are clean, have a standardized production process, a comprehensive packaging and labeling process, a sanitized waste disposal, cleaning, maintenance, and workers outfitted with the appropriate working attire. Upon receiving certification of the production site, the facility will receive an 8-digit FDA standard ID number. One ID is only limited to one facility.


Requesting a permit for a food product, which consists of a 13-digit FDA ID number. Exporters might produce processed or semi-processed food which may pose low, medium, or high-level risks to consumers, and thus must apply for this FDA certification first.


Additionally, due to the COVID-19 situation, a food hygiene certification document issued by the FDA, which certifies that the food production process has been conducted in a safe and controlled environment, thus making it safe for consumers, is also required for the export process.

Delivery Channels Overseas

We provide more convenience with our parcel pickup service and deliver it directly to the recipient’s doorsteps safely (Door to Door Service) as well as, a comprehensive service more than anyone else. These include, packing ervices, to help preserve the product to be in its most perfect condition, including additional services in providing product insurance based on the actual value for added safety, and help reduce the risk of defective, damaged, or misplaced products. We also have 24 hours real time tracking services via our website and Contact Centers in almost every country worldwide. This is in order to give you peace of mind when using SME SHIPPING’s delivery services.
With our service network that covers almost every country worldwide and the high daily delivery volume, has enabled SME SHIPPING to provide more economical savings than any other providers. Our services will help to reduce capital cost for small and medium-sized business customers and help in enhancing their business competitiveness.
Overseas parcel or postal packages delivery services
SME SHIPPING, provides an effective and comprehensive service for sending documents internationally through the world’s leading courier companies, such as DHL EXPRESS, FEDEX EXPRESS, and TNT EXPRESS, within 2-7 business days, and only 1-Day Delivery service for destination countries that have main distribution centers, which is available in more than 10 countries around the world spread across every continent.
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