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3.Consulting and advice
4.Customs clearance services
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For convenience and speed, the customer should have the following basic information to provide to our Customer Service:
– Name and surname of the recipient.
– The recipient’s telephone number.
– Postal code of the destination city
and details of the parcel or envelope, which will be used for preliminary inspections, such as what the content is, size, weight, etc.
It depends on the chosen service and the destination country.
– If using the SME EXPRESS WORLD service, the delivery will take 2-5 business days.
– If using the SME GLOBAL MAIL service, the delivery will take 7-20 business days.
Worldwide Door to Door Service is available, where SME SHIPPING picks up your documents and parcels right from your doorsteps and delivers them directly to the recipient’s doorsteps.
To inquire about delivery charges, the following information are needed;
1.Destination country 2.City name 3.Postal code (if any)
2.Weight (kg) and dimensions of the parcel (cm) 5.List of products to be delivered
SME SHIPPING applies comparison between the parcel weight and its volume. If the parcel’s weight is greater than its volume, the parcel’s weight will be used as the basis for calculating the rates. On the other hand, if the volume exceeds the parcel’s weight, the rates will then be determined based on the volume of the package instead.