How to Send Parcels With Us

Delivery Channels

You can easily start sending parcels abroad by calling our Call Center at tel. 02-105-7777 Our service hours

are Mondays - Saturdays from 9:00-19:00 hrs.

You can also book your deliveries through our Facebook page, SME SHIPPING (Facebook Messenger), or through our Line account, SME SHIPPING Through these channels, you can easily specify your destination and parcel requirements.

Business hours Mondays - Saturdays from 9:00-19:00 hrs.

Is our website online system where you can personally book details of your parcel, check delivery rates, history of previously sent parcels, attach proof of payment, track parcels, all of which are just at your fingertips.

1. Go to If you have not registered as a member, click “Register as a new Member”.

2. Click on “Create New Package”

3. Fill in details of the sender.

4. Fill in details of the recipient.

5. Fill in details of the parcel.

6. Select the type of service that you prefer.
*Please study the details carefully as prices and type of services have different terms and conditions regarding the amount of delivery time and the size of the parcel.

7. Verify the details again
before clicking on “Print Address Label”
*Please check all the information carefully. You can edit the information by pressing “Edit” in each section.

8. Select your preferred type of delivery to us.

There are currently 4 options in which to send the parcel to SME SHIPPING;

  • Call SME SHIPPING to pick up the parcel within Bangkok and its vicinities. Is to make a call for us to pick up your parcel right from your doorstep.

  • Call KERRY EXPRESS to pick up your parcel outside Bangkok. Is to deliver your parcel to us via the Kerry Express delivery service.

  • Personally drop off the parcel at our Service Center. By choosing this option means that you will be personally dropping off the parcel at our Service Center.

  • Drop off at THAILAND POST (Drop Off points). Is to send your parcel to us via Thailand Post (this option is free of charge).

Start shipping with us now. It’s very convenient.

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