‘We provide special privileges for international E-Commerce businesses, covering all internet delivery needs of B2B, B2C, and C2C businesses, or E-Commerce sales.’
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Comprehensive services in support of selling products on famous marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba. Currently, we are now entrusted to provide international shipping services from more than 200 small businesses across the country that sells products on the internet with a continuous growth rate. We stand out from other providers due to our comprehensive services and economical pricing, which helps to reduce cost and increase their profitability. Therefore, you can place your trust in SME SHIPPING Co., Ltd.’s e-commerce international shipping services that are considered more diverse than any other providers.
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E-Commerce Delivery Services

Delivery services for E-commerce businesses. Another alternate option in which SME SHIPPING provides for small parcels of up to 2 kilograms. The service can be classified into 3 types:



  • For parcels not exceeding 2 kgs.
  • Package size must not exceed 90 cms. (width + length + height)
  • 1,200 baht worth of insurance for lost parcels
  • Delivery within 30-60 business days.



  • For parcels not exceeding 6.5 kgs.
  • Package size must not exceed 127 cms. (width + length + height)
  • 1,500 baht worth of insurance for lost parcels
  • Delivery within 8-15 business days.

Need to send parcels abroad?




For convenience and speed, the customer should have the following basic information to provide to our Customer Service:
– Name and surname of the recipient.
– The recipient’s telephone number.
– Postal code of the destination city
and details of the parcel or envelope, which will be used for preliminary inspections, such as what the content is, size, weight, etc.
It depends on the chosen service and the destination country.
– If using the SME EXPRESS WORLD service, the delivery will take 2-5 business days.
– If using the SME GLOBAL MAIL service, the delivery will take 7-20 business days.
Worldwide Door to Door Service is available, where SME SHIPPING picks up your documents and parcels right from your doorsteps and delivers them directly to the recipient’s doorsteps.
To inquire about delivery charges, the following information are needed;
1.Destination country 2.City name 3.Postal code (if any)
2.Weight (kg) and dimensions of the parcel (cm) 5.List of products to be delivered
SME SHIPPING applies comparison between the parcel weight and its volume. If the parcel’s weight is greater than its volume, the parcel’s weight will be used as the basis for calculating the rates. On the other hand, if the volume exceeds the parcel’s weight, the rates will then be determined based on the volume of the package instead.

Terms & Conditions for sending parcels abroad

    • Unlimited amount and weight per delivery.
    • Package size must not exceed 220 cms.
    • We do not ship all types of illegal products and dangerous goods.
    • In the delivery of liquids, reagents, chemicals, the manufacturer’s MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) must also be attached to the shipment.
    • Shipping of all kinds of goods abroad must go through customs clearance at the destination country where import duties may be imposed.
    • In cases of import duties, the recipient at the destination country must be responsible for the related taxes.
    • The customs department of the destination country charges different import duties according to the tariff and tax rates of each product category.
    • Insurances. All shipments are insured at a rate of USD 20 per kg., to insure against losses or damaged products. If customers require additional insurance, they can purchase at an additional rate of 2.5% of the actual product price, or a minimum of 500 baht, which covers a maximum of 20,000 baht.
    • In making claims for transportation insurance in case of losses or damages, the customer must notify the company within 7 days counting from the date that the product has reached the destination. Photos of the damaged product while still in their original packaging and damaged while in transit from the place of origin to the destination, must also be provided.

Remarks: Sending postal packages abroad

    • Delivery to remote areas is subjected to a minimum additional charge of 900 baht or 25 baht per kilogram. Delivery areas for remote areas can be checked from their postal code and city name.
    • Oversized parcels, are packages with the size of either side exceeding 120 cms. and requires an additional charge of 1,700 baht per delivery.
    • Overweight parcels, are packages weighing more than 70 kgs. per piece, and requires an additional service fee of 1,070 baht.
    • Product packing services into paper boxes requires a minimum service fee of 100 baht per box, or 10 baht per kilogram.